Have You Been Using Body Wraps As A Way To Rid Yourself of Inches, Cellulite, Flab, and Loose Skin?

Learn how you can stop paying those exorbitant spa rates and do it yourself without leaving the comfort of your own home!!!

Hi my name is Lisa Summers and I've discovered an easy way to create your own spa quality body wraps for 1/10th of the price without leaving the comfort of your own home!

For those of you who don't know what a body wrap is let me give you a quick explanation.

Body wraps are wonderful experiences in relaxation, rejuvination, and skin conditioning. They can soften your skin like no other treatment. And many people use body wraps as a quick way to shed a few inches for an upcoming event.

When used with certain essential oils, herbs and minerals they're said to be great detoxifying treatments as well. Body wraps help the body release fluid and toxins that are trapped in your body, especially those between fat cells such as cellulite. Although they are not the cure all claimed by many, body wraps can help to enhance your skin, by softening and tightening it, and by reducing the appearance of cellulite.

A treatment generally begins with an exfoliant, followed by a warm shower to open the pores so the skin is prepared to receive the body wrap formula. After showering the body wrap formula is applied and wrapped on your body with strips of cloth and left on for approximately an hour, all the while aiding in expelling toxins and letting your skin absorb those essential oils, minerals and herbs. 

Once you've had a body wrap you'll want many more of them because you feel so refreshed and cleansed. To many of us body wraps are the ultimate way in which to pamper ourselves and look great.

Which is where the whole problem lies. Because body wraps are so great one body wrap is never enough and the spa's where you can get them at charge anywhere from $80.00 - $150 per treatment.

The fact is...

Most of us simply don't have an extra 100 dollars lying around the house to spend for an overpriced spa body wrap.

Which is why I set out to explore how to create my own high quality body wraps.

After extensive research I discovered that for the price of a single body wrap at a spa, I can create from 10-20 body wraps at home.

But Frankly The Money Saved Isn't Even The Best Part

You see…

After conducting my extensive research I started to understand how different ingredients and body wrap formula's can come together to treat different situations.

For Example:

In the winter my skin gets very dry and I want a moisturizing and conditioning wrap…that’s easy, my favorite recipe is on page 26 of the ebook.
What if I want to slim down a bit for a holiday get-together? Simple I just turn to page 25 of the ebook.
Or, perhaps I just returned from a weekend of rigorous snow skiing and want to sooth my muscles and relax. No problem, I just load it up and look at page 24 of the ebook.

You see, I not only give you some of my own favorite recipes that work well for me, I also give you complete information on ingredients to combine for the recipe that works best for YOU!

If you were to receive that level of personalized formulation at a spa, you could easily pay upwards of $200 for a single body wrap. Most spas that I know of don’t even offer customized wraps. Yet with The Complete Home Body Wrap Guide it's a simple task to prepare one in the privacy of your own home,

no appointment necessary...

What’s more, I can have a couple of my friends join me and make a little party out of it, and you can learn how to do the same thing with the free included guide Body Wrap Party Planning Made Easy

(And we STILL save lots of money!!!)

The Complete Home Body Wrap Guide is a terrific resource to help pamper yourself with herbal body wraps at home.


Here is just a sample of what's included if you buy today!

Why do body wraps work?
Body wrap basics
Body wrap ingredients and their uses
Preperation and the body wrapping process
My favorite home body wrap recipes
Convenient home body wrap resources



free updates for life,

which means as my knowledge about body wraps grows so will yours. If I find another recipe that I absolutely love for slimming down or tightening up my loose skin you'll hear about it...

As a special bonus if you order by ,  I'll include these special bonuses.

Bath and Body Ebook


Bath and Body Beauty

  • 7 easy tips to keep yourself looking beautiful everyday!
  • Including the secrets of healthy nails... 
Healthy Ebook


Lose Weight The Healthy Way

  • Overcoming your weight loss excuses
  • How to avoid diets that never work...
Secrets Ebook


Secrets To Looking And Feeling Younger

  • Simple tricks to maximize what you already eat!
  • Understand the little known secrets of foods.
Body Wrap Party


Body Wrap Party Planning Made Easy

  • Throw a pamper yourself party with all your closest friends...
  • Easy to follow step-by-step plan to do it yourself 


After you purchase you'll be taken to a page where you can immedietely download all 5 ebooks in one zip package right on to your computer with full download and reading instructions. Once you've downloaded them you'll be able to read them right on your computer for quick reference any time you feel like relaxing with a quick body wrap.

You'll also be able to print portions of the ebook you find most handy so you can take it with you to your favorite body wrap location and not worry about getting your computer dirty. 

I know you understand the guarantee but just in case you didn't if you order today and aren't happy for any reason I'm happy to give you your money back in full, no questions asked, for three whole months. All you have to do is send me a simple email requesting a refund or submit a support ticket and I'll get you your money back as soon as possible.

I'm willing to do this because I know I've provided much more value than the small price I'm asking for my ebook and I am sure you'll feel the same.


Here's everything you'll get if you order today,



Pamper yourself, 

Lisa Summers
Creator of The Complete Home Body Wrap Guide

P.S. If you're not sure if you should order or have any questions on the book please contact me.